5 Benefits of Maintaining Commercial Catering Equipment

Commercial catering equipment maintenance is essential for the smooth operation within a food service environment. Cater2 offers high quality equipment, and keeping it in a suitable condition is recommended for multiple reasons.

  1. Catering Equipment Lifespan

In order to avoid unexpected breakdowns and malfunctions, regular noted checks, proficient cleaning, and timely repairs is recommended. When investing in catering equipment, you want them to fulfil their capabilities and be able to expand the full length of their expectancy of functionality, prompt upkeep will enable this.

  1. Increased Efficiency

Regular maintenance, involving cleaning and servicing, will confirm that appliances work at peak efficiency. Having your kitchen facilities working well will reduce utility costs, ensure consistency in many areas, including food quality, and speed up cooking processes. An efficient kitchen will reduce wait time, leading to happier customers and open up more opportunities for your company.

  1. Kitchen Safety

Safety within a kitchen environment is non-negotiable, and it’s often overlooked how important looking after catering equipment can prevent serious injuries and incidents. Many things have the potential to lead to fires (both grease and electrical), gas leaks or general malfunctions, professional routine checks and suitable cleaning is essential to avoid disasters like these.

  1. Complying with Commercial Catering Equipment Regulations

There becomes a point when if appliances and equipment are below a certain standard of cleanliness and functionality, they’ll conflict with legal regulations. These regulations are in place to ensure food safety, hygiene and employee safety is to a suitable standard, so people don’t become sick, or find themselves in danger. Health inspectors are hired to enforce these standards and investigate facilities that should be enforcing the regulation. To avoid fines, closures, sickness and legal issues, equipment should be held to the standard within the legal guidance.

  1. Cost Savings

Whilst maintenance can seem like a chore and not a priority, as well as being an overlooked expense, it can significantly save you money in the long-term. Small, regular checks and cleaning can ward off urgent repairs and replacements when things do go wrong. This unplanned emergency situation can snow-ball into potential food wastage, unplanned closures and expensive repairs.

The risks when not maintaining your commercial catering equipment are numerous and not worth having it as an oversight. It leads to putting your employees and customers at risk, as well as your business, for the sake of occasional, but consistent cleaning sessions and maintenance visits. Any company that values a smooth running and compliant kitchen should prioritise the quality of their catering facilities and the conservation of them.

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