Commercial Equipment Solutions for Event Venues

Commercial equipment solutions for event venues require a different set of appliances than other more traditional catering suppliers. From production and in-kitchen, out to service and display, there’s a different set of assets needed to cater to a larger number.

In-kitchen Facilities

Efficiency and space are key when event venues are catering as there is a high volume of produce needing to be managed and organised. Ensuring you have commercial grade ovens with plenty of shelving racks, large plate fry-tops and industry sized mixer/blenders to suit your needs will help things be a smoother process. Appropriately sized appliances when catering for events will be of great assistance to keep inventory stocked and prep time reduced. To pair alongside the preparation equipment, should be suitable refrigeration and storage to ensure the volume of inventory is adhering to food Health and Safety regulations. This type of commercial catering equipment requires sanitation and maintenance to ensure the quality is consistent and standards are met. In-house cleaning chemicals as well as appropriate washing facilities are not only convenient, but also a must-have for any catering facility.

Commercial Equipment for Beverages

Coffee machines, juice vendors and water dispensers; having self-service beverage machines helps reduce wait times, won’t require staff oversights and are overall a great investment. These facilities cut down a huge volume of the queuing process in a catering scenario and will generally leave customers more satisfied as in the appropriate situation they have the free ability to come and refill as needed.


In a post COVID world, we are all aware of the importance of sanitation stations and hand washing facilities, and this need is heightened within a kitchen space. By law hand wash basins must be available in all food preparation areas and clearly be accessible and designated for hand washing only. Alongside said hand washing stations, must be antibacterial soap dispensers and hygienic drying facilities. This is typically disposable paper towels as bacteria can spread on reusable fabric cloths. Ensuring your venue has a high food hygiene rating, ideally 5/5, is integral to maintaining consistent customer satisfaction – nobody wants to dine somewhere with a history of poor hygiene standards.

Trollies and Transportation in Event Venues

Mobile shelving and service trolleys are an incredible convenience when catering to events. Enabling large volumes of stock to be transported in one journey is so much more efficient and allows for better organisation. Having these aspects that make for better productivity are essential during event catering as speed and orderliness is key to preventing chaos and mistakes to be made. Facilitating your catering space with the correct equipment is fundamental to a well-functioning venue fit for events. Not only does it allow for productivity, a varied menu and satisfied customers, but also is integral to passing hygiene and safety regulations.

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