HyGenikx-Surface and Air Sanitiser



• Extend the shelf-life of stored perishable fresh food by an average of 58% – sometimes up to 150%
• Kill salmonella, ecoli, norovirus and other primary sources of infection
• Deplete listeria monocytogenes and listeria innocua from surfaces to undetectable levels

HyGenikx is an advanced and compact, WAll Mounted air and surface hygiene Steriliser, proven to eradicate bacteria and viruses throughout the foodservice & hospitality environment, washrooms, changing rooms and beyond, in terms of applications.

Microorganisms are deposited on surfaces from the air where they continue to grow, magnifying odour issues and the risk of infections. In 8 Hours, a single Bacteria cell can multiply to over 8 Million, meaning that health risks and odours remain a major problem. Standard room cleaning and disinfecting procedures can only offer a temporary solution. As soon as an area is cleaned the airborne microorganisms immediately begin to settle, recolonizing the surfaces and increasing the odour and infection problems. Many operators still only use fragrances which attempt to mask odours and do not target the source; the contamination both in the air and on surfaces.

Hygenikx technology changes all of this…

Models to suit various applications, including front of house, washrooms, food prep areas, cold rooms, refuse areas and beyond.


Available to ship to NI & UK Mainland

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