iVario Pro L


The Rational iVario Pro L is a hugely innovative cooking system, designed to replace almost all conventional cooking appliances. Able to boil, griddle and deep fry, the iVario Pro L brings productivity, flexibility and simplicity to your kitchen, helping you to boost your efficiency and output.

With its unique heating technology, the Vario Pro offers impressive power and precision. Thanks to its intelligent cooking assistants, which think with you and support you, you achieve outstanding food quality every time, without any monitoring or checking.

The iVario is designed to cook up to 4 times faster, using up to 40 % less energy and a providing huge space gain compared to conventional cooking appliances. This means that an iVario can pay for itself in just a few months. Integrated iVarioBoost energy management system and iCookingSuite intelligence generate high quality cooking results, precisely and quickly.

This L version features a high 100Ltr capacity pan and a sturdy stand.

Product features

Dimensions 1078(H) x 1030(W) x 894(D)mm
Voltage 400V
Warranty 2 Years
Colour Silver
Up to 4 times faster than conventional cooking appliances using up to 40% less energy
Replaces multiple other appliances – a huge space gain compared to conventional cooking appliances
6 point core probe ensures precise, controllable cooking
Optional iZoneControl means both pans can be divided into a total of 4 zones giving additional flexibility, up to 35% shorter cooking times
AutoLift – safely raise pasta/chips from liquid automatically
WiFi enabled
Auto water fill and drain


Available to ship to NI & UK Mainland

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Warranty: 2 years parts & labour

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