Mobile 12v Freezer/Chiller


Sometimes you have to go out and find customers to sell to. The Mobilux battery powered mobile combi freezer/chiller allows you to do this, you can take it wherever you want (within reason). Charge the battery up overnight and you can go out selling ice cream with a charge lasting for between 8 and 13 hours depending on conditions. The unit can be mounted on a trolley or suitable tricycle to help you get to your customers. You can buy baskets to hold 4ltr scooping tubs (2 tubs per basket). The Mobilux 11 Combi can hold 2 baskets (4 tubs) and the Mobilux 21 can hold 3 baskets (6 tubs).

  • 12v Battery powered chiller/freezer
  • Battery life of 8-13 hours
  • Suitable for mounting on trolley, cart or trike
  • Rechargeable battery and charger
  • Static cooling
  • Flat sliding lids
  • Baskets for 4 litre tubs or Napoli tubs available – POA
  • Switchable between chiller or freezer
  • Ice cream trike or trolley available (To Order)

Available to ship to NI & UK Mainland

Whilst we keep stock of most items, some may need to be ordered in for you. After ordering, we will advise you when you will receive your order.

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Warranty: 1 years parts & labour

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