Pizzarella Pizza Spinner


After years of research and development, Morello Forni is proud to present Pizzarella,
the first and sole semi-automatic pizza former, capable of preparing a raw pizza base
just like the hands of an expert pizza chef would. Pizzarella is a revolutionary machine
that will not stress or mistreat the dough.
With its restless aid, rolling a pro-grade pizza base becomes “a piece of cake”
for anybody to enjoy.
Pizzarella’s main feature is the capability of spreading the dough
ball just like professional pizza chefs, to make simple
and immediate this process, mastered
only after years of apprentice.
Pizzarella works at room temperature
on the ball, without squeezing or
rolling it, nor heating it up, thusly
preserving your dough’s physical
and organoleptic properties, just like
the expert hand work of
an Italian pizza chef do.

Thanks to its manually operated upper platter, it transmits gently and
uniformly a continuous series of pressure waves and rotating pulsations to
the dough, through its special anti-stick membranes, to roll out the dough
with an unsurpassed homogeneous way.
Pizzarella forms a base as thin as desired in its center, and a thicker outer
crust, retaining precious gas micro-bubbles, that form during the leavening,
inside the dough.
Pizzarella thusly allows obtaining the typical thick and empty crust on the
outer rim, and a soft and aromatic pizza once cooked.
Pizzarella has two special membranes that do not fear the wet or
adherence of any wet parts of the dough, being easy to clean and
immediately ready for another use.
® thanks to its control lever, mounted directly on a complex
force amplification mechanism, allows its user to ergonomically act on the
dough, helping the former to preserve its joints, on the long run, from workinduced
diseases. Pressing and opening operations are servo-assisted, to avoid
unnecessary fatigue for the operator.
Pizzarella is downright silent and economic, thanks to its automatic “Start&Stop”
system, and has an average power consumption of 200 Watts per hour.
Pizzarella can form up to 180 pizza bases per hour.
® ca be easily adjusted by its user, and can
be operated by anyone who’s qualified for manual work,
with the least effort and maximum efficiency.
® Backlighted image of a
Pizzarella rolled base
Backlighted image of a hand
rolled base
• “ ® Counter top version”
To be placed on an adequate support, side by side or on top
of an already existing pizza counter, or on its dedicated and
specially designed support; Pizzarella in counter top version
is easy to add or install, never too big or bulky when
compared to former generation pizza spinners.
✔ All its parts in contact with the dough are made in food
grade, easy to clean materials.
✔ Pizzarella is absolutely innovative, totally designed and
manufactured in our factory, its operation system optimized
after many years of research and development.
✔ Pizzarella is a Morello Forni patent, made of high
precision mechanical structure, with a compact and nice
design, built in aluminum-alloyed cast iron.
✔ Pizzarella is a registered brand for its use on a
worldwide scale.
✔ Pizzarella respects the environmental respect
and energy saving policy always featured in
Morello Forni products.
rolls out the dough,
needing just a light cover of common “00”
fine grain flour on its membranes; the
flour, though, will not be absorbed in the
pizza base, thanks to the edgy structure
of the flour particle.
Pizzarella in facts will retain on its
membranes, touching the dough ball, a
thin flour layer, thanks to a proprietary
“induced polarization” effect.
• “ ® integrated in
stainless steel cabinet”
To offer customers, already in
possession of a pizza counter, the
advantages and ergonomics of Pizzarella flush
with the worktop, Morello Forni offers a stainless steel
cabinet, equipped with 6 neutral drawers for dough ball
containers and wheels, so you can easily put it alongside
the pizza counter.
• “ ® integrated in pizza counter”
This innovative solution of insertion into a modern standard pizza counter,
designed and manufactured by Morello Forni, speeds up, optimizes and makes
simpler the preparation of a pizza base.
Pizzarella integrated in the pizza counter, as well as being insuperably
inserted flush with the
worktop, harmonizes and
optimizes its effectiveness to
the utmost, engaging in
perfect synergy in the work
cycle of the traditional pizzer


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