Electrolux Ice Maker 47kg/24h with 25kg storage (730275)


Electrolux Ice Cuber

47kg/24h with 25kg bin Ice maker, air-cooled with drain pump.  This ice machine produces 19g bullet ice cubes that are crystal clear and slow melting.

Main Features

· Height adjustable stainless steel feet. (smaller feet can be added to reduce the overall height to 815mm)
· Compliant to CE requirements for safety.
· Fully automatic in operation.
· Operates over a wide range of temperatures.
· Rated output is at an ambient air temperature of 21°C and water supply temperature of 15°C.
· Compact dimensions of the ice cubers make them highly suitable for any location, particularly those where space is at a premium.
· The ice-making method (spray layering) guarantees crystalline, compact, hygienically pure ice cubes that are resistant to melting.
· Model available in air-cooled version.
· Ice cube cone shape with the trunk sides slightly squashed.
· Bin integrated as standard.
· Air filters are easily removable and cleanable without tools.
· Reduced energy consumption by fully insulated storage bin.


Available to ship to Ireland (North & South)

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Warranty: 2 years parts & labour

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